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Honestly, I need some advice

Hello everyone.
I very recently got into the whole Forex/stocks trading thing but frankly... I'm so lost.
I don't know where to focus or even what to focus on. And with the internet filled to the brim with people promising a "magic bullet" I can't help to be sceptical of everything.
I feel like I'm trying to catch a waterfall by using a small cup.
So I would appreciate any advice.
What videos, books, courses did you find useful?
Or who can I ask for better advice.
Again. Any amount of advise is appreciated
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r/DayTrading's Monthly Questions Thread - September 2020

Please use this sticky to ask questions and to see answers to similar questions you may have.
Over time we'll be collecting common questions and adding it to our wiki. See the getting started wiki here.
If anyone is new to day trading, I highly recommend reading the Forex community's wiki paying special attention to babypips website which also teaches some general tools you can apply to stocks/futures/etc and especially read the wiki's sections on risk & money management that can be applied to any market.
Pattern daytrading rules wiki.
Also see the sidebar (or "about this community" on mobile website) on every related community to learn more about trading.
Here's a list of all the previous question stickies.
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r/DayTrading's Monthly Questions Thread - August 2020

Please use this sticky to ask questions and to see answers to similar questions you may have.
Over time we'll be collecting common questions and adding it to our wiki. See the getting started wiki here.
If anyone is new to day trading, I highly recommend reading the Forex community's wiki paying special attention to babypips website which also teaches some general tools you can apply to stocks/futures/etc and especially read the wiki's sections on risk & money management that can be applied to any market.
Pattern daytrading rules wiki.
Also see the sidebar (or "about this community" on mobile website) on every related community to learn more about trading.
Here's a list of all the previous question stickies.
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Why China is Pumping China Stocks

Why China is Pumping China Stocks
TLDR: China is actively fighting domestic capital outflows. They are incentivising keeping funds on-shore by pumping the equity markets. Buy large China stocks (BABA, JD).
Inb4 pos or ban
The Economics
China has a fixed exchange rate regime. Blah blah RMB internationalization, blah blah offshore RMB (which is actually settled in US dollars). This places it within line C of the policy trilemma (which says, you can't sustainably have all 3). Since 2005 to about 2017, the government was moving towards free capital mobility because of large amounts of exports which fed the national forex reserves. You bet billions of RMB left China, which the government didn't really like at first because that reduced domestic investment and would contribute to a weaker RMB. Basically, China was trying to do all 3 which works for a short while... until your forex reserves run out.

The Current Problem
The trade war has definitely been bad for China. I am going to try and skip politics, but basically foreign exchange reserves have been gapping down (official Chinese data is 100% fake). China is increasingly bellicose as well, which doesn't improve relations with trading partners who also buy with US dollars.
You can't exchange for US dollars anymore. For private citizens, you can only exchange for education purposes or travel . For companies, you need verification of invoices through both SAFE (State Administration of Foreign Exchange) and the tax offices. This used to take 24hrs, but is now taking 2-3 weeks for amounts >$500k. China also has US dollar denominated bank accounts. But unfortunately, you can't take it in cash unless you have the reasons above. Chinese media is also branding holding US dollars as unpatriotic, so I'm afraid my $50k in digital money might be subject to confiscation. If not, it's just fake money (can't take cash or wire out).
China has been brrrrrring to the pace of JPOW. Weapon of choice are muni and local bonds, which have been forced upon local banks. This creates a certain credit problem, but let's not worry about that until later.

The Solution
China's pretty smart. All those RMB quotes are fake. You can try to get US dollars, but that is almost impossible now. Anyone who wants to buy RMB, contact me and we'll trade at the current price. So looking at the impossible triangle, free capital mobility has become nonexistent. In order to keep exchange rate stability (to avoid a sudden rush towards the door) and keep printing, free capital mobility needs to be 100% sacrificed.
How do you do that with a population that has seen the west and aspire to get out? You need to keep the money onshore. Thankfully, all Chinese are greedy and the equity markets are full of retailers that pump stocks up or down 10% per day. This is one of the reasons for the early July State Council report calling for everyone to buy stocks. Who's buying? Everyone. And if it drops, the national team takes over.
This creates a powerful incentive to fill the foreign reserves again. Foreigners (funds) would want to get in on the action. They will exchange their dollars for RMB, get those 20% gains, but eventually find out trying to get that money back into USD is impossible.
China has also been strengthening the RMB from 7.10 to 6.96 as of yesterday. Smart, because why would you want to sell an asset that's weakening? This is also a reason why China fears gold rallies - buying gold causes RMB to leave. Happily for the SAFE, some banks have stopped offering their paper gold products.
China will pump its domestic markets. Unless you have a Chinese account, the closest thing you can get to are mega names like Alibaba, JD and Tencent. I would avoid touching too small companies because of LK coffee problems.
Oh yeah the trade war? Well, pussies don't make money.
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What is an MLM?

Multi-level marketing (MLM), also called pyramid selling, network marketing, and referral marketing, is a marketing strategy for the sale of products or services where the revenue of the MLM company is derived from a non-salaried workforce selling the company's products/services, while the earnings of the participants are derived from a pyramid-shaped or binary compensation commission system. ​
If you see a company and are not sure that it belongs on this list, please reach out. I have compiled this list from the sources listed at the bottom along with input from community members. This list may not be 100% accurate but the goal is to get it as close as possible.
31 - Bags
5Linx - Home & Business Services
Abby & Anna - Clothing
ACAN Pacific - Utilities
ACN - Utilities
ActiLabs - Skincare/Health
Adornable.U - Accessories
Advocare - Dietary Supplements
AeroGrow - Garden Tools
Agnes & Dora - Clothing
AIM Global - Nutritional Supplements
Akasuka (Japan) -
Alcone - Beauty
Alice's Table - Flower Arrangement Classes
All'asta - Home Goods
Allysian Sciences -
Aloe Vera of America (Young Living) - Nutritional Supplements
Aloette - Beauty
Alphay Int - Nutritional Supplements
AlureVe - Skincare/Health
Amare Global - Nutritional Supplements
Ambit - Utilities
Amelia James -
Ameo - Essential Oils
American Income Life - Financial
Amsoil - Motor Oil
Amway - Health/Beauty/Home Goods
Ann Summers - Product
Ann Summers (UK) - Adult Novelties
Anorak (UK) - Home Goods
Anran (China) -
Apollo (India) - Juice
Apriori - Skincare/Health
AquaSource UK - Nutritional Supplements
Arbonne - Skincare/Health
ARIIX - Water Purification
Arsoa Honsha (Japan) - Fitness/Weight Loss
Asea Global - Nutritional Supplements
Asirvia (shut down) - Marketing
Aspire/Digital Altitude - Marketing
ATC Coin - Crypto Currency
Athena's - Adult Novelties
Atomy - Skincare/Health
Ava Anderson -
Ava Rose - Clot
Avisae - Weight Loss
Avon - Beauty
b:hip Global - Health
Bachar Nutrition - Nutritional Supplements
Bamboo Pink - Jewelry
Barefoot Books - Books
Bath.Ologie - Bath Bombs
Beach Body - Fitness/Weight Loss Videos
BearCereju (Japan) - Cosmetics
BeautiControl -
Beauty Counter - Cosmetics
Beauty Society - Beauty
beCAUSE Cosmetics - Cosmetics
Become International (US & AUS) - Cosmetics
Bedroom Kandi - Adult Novelties
Beever (UK) - Hair Care
BelCorp (Latin America) - Cosmetics
Bellame - Skincare/Health
Bemer - Appliances
Better Way Design/Imports - Clothing
Biogreen Argentina -
BioPerformance - Automotive (Fuel Pills)
Bod-e Pro - Nutritional Supplements
Body by Vi/Visalus - Health
Body Shop at Home - Beauty
Boisset Collection - Wine
Boston Finney (shut down) -
Bounce Life/Network - Insurance
Bud Star (Canada) - CBD/THC Products
BurnLounge (shut down as pyramid scheme by FTC in 2012) -
Buskins - Clothing
Butterfly Beauty - Cosmetics
Cabi - Clothing
Cambridge Weight Plan/Diet - Dietary Supplements
CAN - Utilities
Captain Tortue - Clothing
Carico Int - Home Goods
Celebrating Home - Home Goods
Cellements - Skincare/Health
CEO Movement (Not MLM but scammy) -
Chalk Couture - Chalkboard Signs
Chalky & Co - Home Goods
Chandeal (Japan) - Clothing
Charle (Japan) - Clothing
Charlie's Project - Clothing
Chef's Toolbox (AUS) (Insolvency) - Kitchen Accessories
Cherish Natural Products -
Chloe & Isabel - Jewelry
Clever Container - Home Goods
Close to My Heart - Scrapbooking
Cloud 9 Parties - Adult Novelties
Cobra Group/Appco -
Cocoa Exchange - Food
Color by Amber - Jewelry
Color Happy -
Color Street - Nail Wraps
Colour Me Beautiful (UK) - Clothing
Compelling Creations - Jewelry
Conklin - Roofing
Cookie Lee (shut down) -
Cosway (Malaysia) - Health/Beauty/Home Goods
Country Scents - Product/Candles
Create Your Life - Health
Creative Memories - Scrapbooking
Credit Repair USA - Financial
Crunchi - Cosmetics
Cutco - Knives
CVSL - Multiple Companies
Daisy Blue Naturals - Personal Care
Damsel in Defense - Product/Self Defense
Darceys - Candles
David Lerner Associates, INC - Financial
Dazzle and Daze - Clothing
Deutsche vermögensberatung/Dvag (Germany) - Financial
Diana (Japan) -
Dione Cosmetics - Cosmetics
Direct Cellars/DC Nation - Wine
Discovery Toys - Educational Toys
Divvee/Nui -
Dot Dot Smile - Clothing
DoTERRA - Health/Oils
Du Northing Designs - Clothing
Dubli Network - Financial
Dudley Beauty - Cosmetics
DXN - Health/Beauty/Home Goods
Dynamic Essentials -
EcoWarehouse - Home Goods
Elepreneuer -
Elk River Soaps - Personal Care
Ella Tina - Clothing
Elli Kai - Clothing
Elvacity - Nutritional Supplements
EmGoldEx/Global Intergold -
Enagic/Kangen Water - Ionized Water
Endless Xpressions - Clothing/Accessories
Enersource Int - Nutritional Supplements
Enjo (AUS) - Cleaning Producs
Envy Jewelry - Jewelry
Epicure (Canada) - Food
Equinox International (dissolved in 2001) -
Ergo (Germany) - Insurance
Essante Organics -
Essential Bodywear - Clothing
European Grouping of Marketing Professionals/CEDIPAC SA (dissolved 1995) -
European Home Retail (dissolved 2007) -
Evanescence Network - Health
EVER Skincare - Skincare/Health
Evolution Travel - Product
EvolvHealth - Health
Faberlic (Russia) - Health/Beauty/Home Goods
Family First Life - Insurance
Family Heritage Insurance - Insurance
Fantasia - Adult Novelties
Fantasia (Canada) - Adult Novelties
Farmasi -
FES Connect - Financial
Fibi & Clo - Footwear
Fifth Ave Collection - Jewelry
First Fitness Nutrition - Dietary Supplements
Fit4Mom - Clothing
FITTEAM Global - Dietary Supplements
Flamingo Paperie - Art
Fleuresse -
FM World (UK) -
For Tails Only - Pet Supplies
Forever Living - Health/Oils
Forex Education (iMarkets Live branch) - Crypto
Forex Entourage - Financial
Fortune Hi-Tech Marketing (dissolved 2013) -
Four Oceans - Health
Fragant Jewels - Bathbombs
FreeLife - Nutritional Supplements
Frontrow -
Fuel Freedom Int - Automotive
Fund America (Bankrupt 1990) -
Gano Excel - Nutritional Supplements
GelMoment - Beauty
Gemstra - Jewelry
Genesis Pure - Nutritional Supplements
Global Legacy Initiative -
GoDesana - Pet
Gold Canyon - Product/Candles
Golden Days (China) - Health
Grace & Heart - Jewelry
Green HoriZen - CBD
Greeting Cake Company - Cake Kits
H2O At Home - Personal Care
Hale - CBD Oil
Hanky Panky Parties (Canada) - Adult Novelties
Happy Coffee - Coffee
Harvard Risk Management (Legal Shield) -
Hayward's Gourmet Popcorn - Food
HB Naturals - Health
He(L)o - Health
Healthy Peach - Dietary Supplements
Heavenly Chia - Food
Heka Corp - Fitness
Helo Wristbands - Health
HempWorx - Health
Herbalife - Health
Heritage Makers - Scrapbooking
Hinode - Cosmetics
Holiday Magic (shut down) -
Home Interiors - Home Goods
Honey - Beauty
Honey & Lace - Clothing
Hualin Biotech (China) - Health
iCoinPro - Crypto Currency
ID Life - Health
Igniting Passion (Canada) - Adult Novelties
iMarketsLive - Financial Trading Software
Immunotec - Health
Imperial Candles (UK) - Candles
In a Pikle - Bags
Income Advantage -
India Hicks - Product/Accessories
Infinitus - Health
Initials, Inc - Bags
Inkd Up Nails - Beauty
innov8tive nutrition - Nutritional Supplements
InteleTravel - Travel
Intimo (AUS/NZ) - Adult Novelties
Isagenix - Dietary Supplements
ItWorks! - Health
J. Elizabeth - Clothing
J. Hilburn - Clothing
J.R Watkins -
Jafra - Beauty
Jamberry - Beauty
Jamby - Clothing
Jamie at Home (shut down) -
Janice Collection - Home Goods
Java Momma - Coffee
Javita - Coffee
Jbloom - Jewelry
Jequiti - Cosmetics
Jerky Direct -
Jeunesse - Beauty
Jewel Kade (31) - Jewelry
Jewelscent - Product/Candles
JK Apparel (Canada) - Clothing
Jordan Essentials - Beauty
JoyMain (China) - Health
Joyome (Plexus) - Beauty
JuicePlus - Nutritional Supplements
Jump Natural - Health
Kaesar & Blair -
Kalaia - Skincare/Health
Kalo & Co - Pearl/Jewelry
Kangen Water -
Kannaway - CBD Oil
Karat Bars - Gold
Kaszazz - Scrapbooking
Keep Collective - Jewelry
Keep Me Safe - Cos
KETO (Pruvit) -
Keto Coffee - Coffee
Ketones - Health
Kirby - Vacuums
Kleeneze - Home Goods
Kobold (Vorwerk) -
Kyani - Health
Labella Baskets - Home Goods
Lady Godiva Beauty - Cosmetics
Lavylites - Beauty
L'BRI - Beauty
LeadUp Consulting -
Legal Shield - Legal Services
LegArt (Canada) - Leggings
Legend Age (China) -
Legging Army - Clothing
Legging Girl - Clothing
Lemongrass Spa - Beauty
LeReve (Canada) - Cosmetics
Le-Vel (Thrive) - Health
Lia Sophia (dissolved) - Jewelry
Life Abundance - Pet
LIFE Leadership - Financial
Life Tree World - Food
LifeBrook -
LifePlus (US/Germany) - Dietary Supplements
Life's Abundance - Pet Supplies
LifeVantage - Dietary Supplements
Lilla Rose - Jewelry
Limelife - Skincare/Health
Limu - Health
Limu - Nutritional Supplements
Linen World - Home Goods
Lion Crown -
Lipsense - Beauty
Liv International - Travel
Live Sore - Clothing
Longabeger Company - Baskets
Longrich (China) - Beauty
Lorraine Lee Linen - Home Goods
Love Winx - Adult Novelties
LR Beauty & Health - Beauty
LuLaRoe - Clothing
Lulu Ave - Jewelry
Luminess - Cosmetics
Lyconet/Lyoness -
Lyoness - Financial
M. Global (Jamberry) - Jewelry
M. Network - Nutritional Supplements
Maelle Beauty - Beauty
Magnabilities - Jewelry
Magnolia & Vine - Jewelry
Makeup Eraser - Cosmetics
Man Cave - Kitchen Accessories
Mannatech - Dietary Supplements
Mark. - Financial
Market America - Health/Beauty/Home Goods
Marly Ray - Pearl/Jewelry
Marvelous Mouse Travels - Travel
Mary & Martha - Home Goods
MaryKay - Beauty
Maskara - Beauty
Matilda Jane - Clothing
Max & Madeleine - Skincare/Health
Maxwell Clothing - Clothing
MCA - Financial
Medifast - Nutritional Supplements
Melaleuca - Health/Beauty/Home Goods
Metabolife (dissolved in 2005) -
MiA Bath and Body (Closed) -
mialisia - Jewelry
Miche EU - Accessories
Miki (Asia) - Nutritional Supplements
MOA Nutrition - Nutritional Supplements
Modere -
MojiLife - Essential Oils
Monat - Hair Care
MonaVie (went into foreclosure 2015) -
Morinda Bioactives - Personal Care/Dietary Supplements
Motives Cosmetics - Cosmetics
Multpure - Water
My Club 8 - CBD Oil
My Daily Choice - Nutritional Supplements
My LALA Leggings - Clothing
myEcon - Financial
National Safety Associates - Dietary Supplements
National Wealth Center - Education
Natura (Brazil) - Cosmetics
Nature Direct (AUS) - Essential Oils
Nature's Sunshine Products - Dietary Supplements
Neal's Yard Remedies Organic - Beauty
NeoLife - Dietary Supplements
Neora (Nerium) -
Nerium - Skincare/Health
NeVetica - Pet Supplies
New Era (China) - Nutritional Supplements
New U Life - Health
Neways - Personal Care
Nikken -
Noevir - Beauty
Nomades - Jewelry
Noonday Collection - Jewelry
Norwex - Cleaning Producs
Nouveau Riche (real estate investment college) (dissolved 2010 -
Nspire Network - Feminine Products
NuCerity - Skincare/Health
NuSkin - Tooth Paste/Personal Care
Nutriboom -
NXIVM - Financial
Nygard - Clothing
Omnilife - Dietary Supplements
One Hope Wine - Wine
Optavia - Health
Opulenza - Jewelry
Organo Gold - Coffee
Oriflame - Personal Care
Origami Owl - Jewelry
Our Hearts Desire - Jewelry
Paid 2 Save - Travel
Pampered Chef - Kitchen Accessories
Paparazzi - Jewelry
Paperly - Paper
Park Lane Jewelry - Jewelry
Party Girl - Candles
Party Lite - Candles
Party Time Mixes - Food
PartyLite - Candles
Passion Parties - Adult Novelties
Pawtree - Pet
Paycation - Travel
Peach - Clothing
Pearl Chic - Pearl/Jewelry
Peekaboo Beans - Clothing
Perfect (China) - Cosmetics
Perfectly Polished - Beauty
Perfectly Posh - Beauty
Personally Poetic - Jewelry
PHP - Insurance
Pierre Lang - Jewelry
Pink Zebra - Candles
Piphany - Clothing
PixieLane - Clothing
Plexus - Health
Plumeria Bath - Beauty
Plunder - Jewelry
PM International - Health
Pola (Japan) - Skincare/Health
Poofy Organics - Beauty
Powur - Solar Panels
Premier Designs - Jewelry
Premier Financial - Financial
PrimeMyBody - Health
Primerica - Financial
Princess House - Kitchen Accessories
ProDoula -
ProYoung - Health
Pruvit - Health
Pulse Cosmetics - Cosmetics
Pure Haven - Cosmetics
Pure Romance - Product
PureHaven - Home Goods
PUREly - Essential Oils
Purium - Health
Qnet - Nutritional Supplements
Quanjian Natural (China) - Food
RadiantlyYou -
Rain International - Health
Rainbow Vacuum - Vacuums
Real Time Pain Relief - Health
Red Aspen - Beauty
RED Safety - Security
Regal Home and Gifts - Home Goods
Reliv - Health
Reliv - Nutritional Supplements
Renatus Real Estate - Education
RevitalU - Coffee/Health
Riway - Deer Placenta
Robert Kiyosaki -
Rodan+Fields - Beauty
Roland (Vorwerk) -
Rolmex (China) - Kitchen Accessories
Royal Tongan Limu (dissolved in 2003) -
Royaltie Gens - Marketing
Ruby Ribbon - Clothing
Saba - Health/Beauty
Sabika Jewelry - Jewelry
SafeGirl Security - Self Defense
Salad Master - Home Goods
SARSO (India) -
Scentsy - Health/Oils
Schneider's Gourmet World - Food
Scout & Cellar - Wine
Seacret - Beauty
SendOutCards - Gift Cards
Senegence - Skincare/Health
Shakeology (BeachBody) - Dietary Supplements
Shaklee - Dietary Supplements
Shopping Sherlock -
Shrimp & Grits - Clothing
Signature Homestyles - Home Goods
Silpada - Jewelry
Silver Icing - Jewelry
Simple Man - Personal Care
Simply Success Elite -
SimplyFun Games - Education
Skinny Body at Home - Dietary Supplements
SkinSanity/Tomorrow's Leaf - Skincare/Health
Smart Circle -
Smartway -
Solavei (dissolved 2015)[ -
Solvei (bankrupt) -
Sophie Paris (France/Asia) - Clothing
South Hill Designs - Jewelry
Southern Living at Home - Home Goods
SouthWestern Advantage - Education
Sseko - Clothing
Stampin Up - Paper
Steam Energy - Utilities
Steeped Tea - Tea
Stella & Dot - Clothing
Stream Energy - Financial
Style Dots - Jewelry
Success University - Education
Sun Hope (China) -
Sunrider - Health/Beauty/Home Goods
Sunset Gourmet - Food
Sunshine Empire (dissolved 2009) -
Surge 365 - Travel
Sweet Legs - Clothing
Sweet Minerals - Beauty
Symmetry Financial Group - Insurance
Syntek Global - Automotive
T.O.P Marketing Group -
TAG Team Marketing -
Taisei/Green Planet/Kaikisui (Japan_ - Purifiers
Tara at Home - Home Goods
Tastefully Simple - Food
Tavala - Health
Tealightful - Tea
Team National - Financial
TeDivina - Tea
Telecom Plus (UK) - Utilities
Telexfree (bankrupt 2014) -
The Advert Platfrom - Crypto Currency
The Body Shop at Home - Beauty
The Landmark Forum - Health
The Super Affiliate Network - Marketing
Thermomix (Vorwerk) -
Thirty One - Bags
Thrive - Health
Thrive Life - Food
Tiber River Naturals - Beauty
TKO WorldWide -
Tocara (Canada) - Jewelry
Tom James - Clothing
Total Life Changes/TLC - Health
TouchStone Crystal - Jewelry
Touchstone Essentials - Dietary Supplements
Tracy Negoshian - Clothing
Trades of Hope - Jewelry
Tranont - Financial
Transformational Beauty - Cosmetics
Travel Evolution - Travel
Traveling Vineyard - Wine
TraVerus Global - Travel
TriVita - Nutritional Supplements
Tropic Skin Care - Skincare/Health
True Peak Revolution (Europe) -
Truvision Health - Health
TS-Life - Nutritional Supplements
Tupperware - Tupperware
Unicity - Health
United Sciences of America (dissolved in 1987) -
United Warehouse (UK) -
US Health Advisors -
Usana - Nutritional Supplements
Usborne - Books
Utility Warehouse (UK) - Utilities
Valentus - Dietary Supplements
Vantel - Product/Pearls
Vasayo - Health
VectoCutco - Knives
Vemma - Dietary Supplements
viaOneHope - Wine
ViBella - Jewelry
VIC Cosmetics -
Vida Divina - Tea
Vie at Home (closed) -
Virtuity Financial Group (World Financial Group) -
ViSalus (Body by VI) - Dietary Supplements
Vitality Extracts - Essential Oils
VivaMK - Cleaning Producs
Volo - Health
Vorwerk - Home Goods
Votre Belle Maison (UK) - Giftware
Voxxlife - Health
Wakaya Perfection - Health
WakeUpNow (dissolved 2015) -
Watkins Inc - Health/Home Goods
Wealthperx - Travel
Wikaniko - Home Goods
Wildtree - Food
Willing Beauty - Beauty
Winasun - Health
Wine Shop at Home - Wine
Wines for Humanity - Wine
Wink Naturals - Health
World Financial Group/Pinnacle Leadership Development - Financial
World Leadership Group (dissolved in 2008) -
World Ventures/Wealth Wave/TKO WorldWide - Travel
WoTaBu - Travel
XanGo/Ziji - Health
Xerveo - Dietary Supplements
Xoom Energy - Utilities
Xooma - Weight Loss
Xstream Travel - Travel
Xyngular - Health
Yanbal Int - Jewelry
Yandi (China) - Nutritional Supplements
Yelloow - Beauty
Yevo (closed) -
Yofoto (China) - Health
Yoli - Health
Yoonla -
YOR Health - Weight Loss
Young Living - Health
Youngevity -
Younique - Beauty
YTB International - Travel
Zepter -
Zija - Health
Zilis - Health
Zinzino (Scandanavia) -
Zrii - Skincare/Health
Zurvita - Health
Zyia - Clothing
Zyn - Travel
TOTAL COUNT = 594 ​ This list will be continually updated (5/19/2020).
2018 Archived MLM Mega Thread

Sources: , Special thanks to u/Copacetic1515 (I could not stick your thread)

For income disclosure information: Updated 2019 Thread

Other Helpful Links: Discussion about World Financial Group
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[Secret] Response to the Oil Embargo Part 2: Retaliation, Covert and Chaotic

While overt operations will play a role in the retaliation, some more covert ones are needed. For these more... illegal... operations, we will have to take a different approach.

North Korea: Cyberwar, Inc.
North Korea has a well-established cyberwar capability and has recently begun selling its services to third parties. One of those third parties is about to become us, and we're going to buy out the entire shop, consisting of thousands of highly trained North Korean hackers. Are they the best, no, of course not--they are, after all, still North Korean. They certainly aren't as good as what we have in-house, even though they're surprisingly skilled all things considered. But they're extra talent, and talent with no official connections to China, and that's what counts here.

At whatever exorbitant price that North Korea charges [we've budgeted up to $500 million, and they will get to keep whatever they steal] we're siccing every trained hacker they have on what we view as the mastermind behind these plots, the United Arab Emirates [M: Even though we don't know the contents of the closed diplo, it's not hard to come to that conclusion given that Saudi Arabia is in a civil war, the UAE leads the GCC which is leading the embargo, and it has rejected our peace offerings and stated that we are an existential threat--also, assaulting the UAE is likely to spook the other participants who are in a much more frail situation].

Attacks will aim to be diverse and encompass the entire spectrum, with one exception, which we will do. Chinese experts will provide advice and limited intelligence and cyber-reconnaissance, but will not openly involve themselves in the operations, taking especial care to ensure that they don't touch the code the North Koreans are working on. We will maintain only a very high-level management, leaving precise means, targets, and so on to the North Koreans.

In addition, we'll ask the North Koreans to recruit criminal hacker groups across the globe to join on to this effort, with the North Koreans receiving additional payouts for every other criminal hacking group they bring onboard that has been verified by Chinese intelligence as actually existing [we don't trust the North Koreans that much, especially when money is on the line].

Targets are the following, in order of priority:

UAE Foreign Exchange Reserves and Sovereign Wealth Fund:
By far the most valuable target on the list for North Korea, the UAE's forex reserves are worth about $100 billion, and the sovereign wealth funds of the Emirates are valued at as much as $1 trillion. North Korean hackers will launch an all-out assault aiming to steal as much of this money as possible, destroying it if they must but, we imagine, preferably transferring it to North Korean accounts. Attacks via SWIFT like those conducted by North Korea in 2015-16 are possible--those attacks amounted to hundreds of millions of dollars in losses. We doubt that North Korea will be able to steal that much of this pile, especially given the fact that the UAE has an army of ex-Western cyberwarriors of its own, but even a relatively small quantity would be a significant psychological injury and would degrade global trust in the UAE.

Vital Infrastructure:
North Korea will target key pieces of infrastructure in the UAE. In particular, they will target the following facilities and attempt to force them offline. Even though the individual attacks won't do much damage, the cumulative impact will scare the public, damage investor confidence, and drive money out of the UAE.

Influential Figures And Government Officials:
North Korean hackers will also target the personal devices of government officials and influential figures in the UAE, especially politicians, military commanders, and media types. They will then leak anything remotely incriminating to the global media, possibly via Wikileaks or another such site of ill repute.

In addition, for particularly important government officials, North Korea will be commissioned to produce deepfakes with which it will flood social media. These will mostly focus on baseless conspiracy theories and personal slanders, for instance, catching a top official on mike confessing to being a devil-worshiper, or portraying a popular imam as being with Western prostitutes.

It is hoped that these operations will cause enough domestic trouble in the UAE that they will concede on the point of the oil embargo. If nothing else, though, they should keep the UAE distracted while we move elsewhere.
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r/DayTrading's Monthly Questions Thread - June 2020

Please use this sticky to ask questions and to see answers to similar questions you may have.
Over time we'll be collecting common questions and adding it to our wiki. See the getting started wiki here.
If anyone is new to day trading, I highly recommend reading the Forex community's wiki paying special attention to babypips website which also teaches some general tools you can apply to stocks/futures/etc and especially read the wiki's sections on risk & money management that can be applied to any market.
Pattern daytrading rules wiki.
Also see the sidebar (or "about this community" on mobile website) on every related community to learn more about trading.
Here's a list of all the previous question stickies.
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[META] Recent scam/spam trends.. Or, a peak inside what it's like to moderate /r/forex

After a few...especially trying...interactions with unhappy ban recipients today, I thought it would be fun to share a little info on what moderators do to keep this place clean. :)
The forex industry is full of shady characters. Any industry sitting on the intersection of financial independence, work, and money, is bound to attract them. There are many reasons for this; the lower barrier to entry compared to other markets, the lack of public knowledge on the subject, and greedy human nature to name a few.
Moderating a subreddit dedicated to forex (or anything trading realted for that matter,) presents extra challenges beyond your regular sub. Marketers and scammers are super motivated, and MLM / referral marketing is extremely popular right now, which can turn everyday regular users into sources of spam.
How we currently tackle this problem involves technology (scripts, bots, and automod,) a mod review workflow, and some smart sleuthing when needed.
The mod team and our scripts aren't perfect though... but the few false positives we get are a very, very small fraction of all mod actions taken (~1%.) Unfortunately, that means some otherwise sincere members get handled roughly, and that can really suck.. I wish there was a better way, but the alternative is this place becomes a wild west and starts looking like your gmail spam folder.
That said, here's my personal stats for JUST the last 24 hours:
And I'm just one of the mods. . .
So what scammer and marketing trends are we seeing lately?
Honestly, it can be really frustrating at times.. luckily the scripts we have in place make weeding out ~80% of these jokers quite easy and quick. Heck, we had one scammer who blew through 12+ accounts over the last few days trying to scam people but none of their posts ever saw the light of day thanks to the spam triggers I've written.
What motivates the mod team to keep this place clean? That's an easy answer: The majority of users here are new to trading. Making sure they aren't food for the wolves is important.
But even with all the measures we take, some bad actors still get through.
So here's where you can help: Use the report button! Anytime you see something that you think fits the descriptions listed above, or violates our sidebar rules, just report it. Even if you're not 100% sure, don't be afraid to use the report tool.. The worst thing that can happen is the mod team reviews and approves it, but the best outcome is you directly help keep this place clean and humming! :)
And the mod team is always looking to improve where it can: I've already talked about what we do to scrub away bad actors, but one place we could do better is education. The plan is to rewrite a good portion of the wiki to include the following sections:
(Titles above are a work in progress ;P)
Are you a good writer and want to help out with this? Think you can write up a killer wiki article on spotting scam artists? Message the mods and let us know!
Finally, a reminder, we are still interested in taking on more moderators and will be revisiting that very shortly. If you'd be interested, read through this post and reply accordingly:
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Kickoff of r/phinvest Personal Finance Guide Project! Topic 1: Do You Need Insurance?

Kickoff of phinvest Personal Finance Guide Project! Topic 1: Do You Need Insurance?
Hello everyone!
The PF-Guide team assembled in the phinvest discord server to create a decision map for several personal finance areas, first of which is one of the most discussed and most controversial topics in phinvest: Life Insurance.
This project hatched from u/Octobrew's comment here, and acted upon by u/dgxxiii and initiated by u/ninja4lyf. A lot of people on the server pitched in their share, from proofreading and accessibility to logical flow and future possibilities - you know yourselves. A big thank you to you all!
You can find the link to the full-sized map in our FAQs, and below is a preview:
Please visit our FAQs for the full-sized version.
This map is a culmination of comments, posts and random discussions in phinvest and in the discord server about insurance. This is not necessarily a one and done thing, we are open to comments and suggestions and we'll try our best to incorporate your ideas!
EDIT1: We've made some changes in the chart based on inputs from u/lebron2zorros and u/davemacho. Special thanks to @~LoafieBear from discord for the watermark and logo!
EDIT2: u/that_omashu_merchant created a wonderful interactive version of the chart here. Please check it out!
With that out of the way, we'd like to conduct a poll to gauge interest for the next topic that will be covered by the PF-Guide. We won't necessarily create one for the winner, because we may not have enough knowledgeable contributors (looking at you Forex).
Which topic below are you interested in seeing a guide similar to the one above? Please share in the comments why, as well as your expectations for the topic of your choice!
View Poll
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[Econ] Making the Best of a Very Bad Thing

November 2030
Well, uh, this sucks. Just a few short months after the Arab States of the Gulf finally unified, the world economy decided to explode. This is what we in the business of economics call a very bad thing.
The effects across the FAS have been relatively disparate. The United Arab Emirates, easily the most diversified economy in the region, has been the least heavily impacted (though it's still bad). Diversification programs in Oman and Bahrain have also helped to stave off some of the worst impacts of the crisis, though they haven't been as successful in avoiding the effects as the UAE. Qatar and Kuwait, still almost entirely reliant on hydrocarbon exports, are not happy with this turn of events. Falling global oil prices, though propped up a little by a sudden increase in demand from China, have left their economies struggling much more than the rest of the country, and in desperate need of assistance from the better off parts of the country.
One major pain point in this crisis has been the FAS's economic ties to the United States. While most of the FAS's trade is with Asia, Africa, and Europe, the US financial system still plays a crucial role in the FAS. The stability of the US Dollar has long been used to protect the economies of the Gulf using their vast Forex reserves (earned from oil sales) to peg their currency to the US Dollar. With the US Dollar in complete collapse, the value of the Khaleeji is plummeting right along with it, causing a significant degree of harm to the FAS's economy.
To help offset this harm (and to decouple the FAS's economy from a country that the FAS is starting to view as maybe not the most reliable economic partner), the Central Bank in Dubai has announced that the Khaleeji will switch its peg from the US Dollar to a basket of foreign currencies (the Euro, the Pound Sterling, the Swiss Franc, the US Dollar, and the Japanese Yen). The FAS hopes that this will help to salvage the Khaleeji's value, better protecting the economy from the collapse of the dollar-based international financial system. Rumor has it that the Central Bank is discussing the idea of unpegging the Khaleeji entirely and allowing it to float freely, but so far, the Central Bank has made no moves towards floating the Khaleeji.
Crises suck. They shatter the status quo and throw established norms and procedures into chaos. No one really wins during a crisis.
But in another sense, they're a double-edged sword. The status quo is often a repressive entity, reinforcing existing hierarchies and preventing dramatic shifts in the order of things. Chaos breaks that apart, giving the ingenuitive and the entrepreneurial on opportunity to better their lot in ways they otherwise could not.
Put differently: chaos is a ladder, and the FAS intends to be the one climbing it. As the largest economy in the Arab World (and one of the world's 20 largest economies) by both nominal GDP and GDP per capita (by a significant margin--it's probably either Saudi Arabia or Egypt in second place in nominal GDP, and definitely Saudi Arabia in second place in GDP per capita, but the FAS more than doubles the country in second place in both categories, so it's sort of a moot point), the FAS hopes to cement its place as the regional economic power.
The FAS has announced a new slate of policies intended to attract rich investors, manufacturing firms, and financiers fleeing the new nationalization program of the United States. New free trade zones have been created throughout the country--especially in the struggling, undiversified regions of Kuwait and Qatar--with the goal of convincing fleeing American manufacturers to set up shop in these areas. Attractions include wildly low tax rates (as low as zero percent in some instances), a common law framework (as opposed to the Sharia-based legal system in most of the FAS), highly subsidized land prices (sometimes free), relaxed financial restrictions (making it easier to move money in and out of the FTZ), and, for large enough firms moving enough operations into the country, preferential visa treatment (making it easier for them to relocate foreign employees into the country). Sitting at one of the major crossroads of global trade, moving operations to the FAS offers easy access to both the world's established consumer markets (like the EU and East Asia) as well as to some of its largest growing markets (South and Southeast Asia, East Africa, and MENA). Pair this with wildly high standards of living (for people who aren't slaves Asian or African migrant workers) and established expatriate communities, and the FAS becomes an incredibly attractive option for American and other foreign firms looking to relocate.
In addition to manufacturing-oriented FTZs, special attention has been paid to attracting service-oriented firms to new and existing FTZs in the vein of Dubai Internet City, Dubai Design District, Dubai Knowledge Park, and Dubai Media City, with the goal of developing a robust service economy that can capture growing markets in the MENA, South Asia, and East African regions. In advertising these zones, the governments of the FAS have highlighted the success of previous ventures in Dubai, which have attracted the regional headquarters of giants like Facebook, Intel, LinkedIn, Google, Dell, Samsung, Microsoft, IBM, Tata Consultancy, and more.
Perhaps one of the most substantial pushes, though, is to attract American financial services and FinTech firms to base in the FAS (particularly Dubai, Kuwait City, Doha, and Abu Dhabi, the traditional centers of regional finance). New financial industry free trade zones have been set up in the four cities, structured in the vein of the Dubai International Financial Centre (DIFC). These financial FTZs boast an independent and internationally regulated regulatory and judicial system, a common law framework, and extremely low taxation rates. All government services in these regions are available in English (the lingua franca of international finance), and in events where ambiguity exists in the legal and regulatory systems, the systems are set to default to English Common Law (except for the Kuwait City International Financial Centre, which is hoping to better tailor itself towards American financial firms by defaulting to American Civil Law from pre-2020 rather than English Common Law). Much like in the DIFC, these new FTZs will also run their own courts, staffed in large part by top judicial talent from Common Law (or in the case of Kuwait City, American Civil Law) jurisdictions like Singapore, England, and (formerly) Hong Kong. Using these FTZ, the four cities hope to raise their profile as financial centers. Dubai in particular is hoping to break into the top ten global financial centers--and it stands a good chance of doing so, too, as it sits at number 12, just behind cities like LA, SF, and Shenzhen--while the other cities are just hoping to boost their profile into the 20s or 10s (according to Long Finance, Dubai is number 12 in the world and 1 in the region, Abu Dhabi is number 39 in the world and two in the region, Doha is number 48 in the world, and Kuwait City is number 91).
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r/dividends is hiring mods! (Plus some very important announcements)

Good afternoon dividends,
A lot has been happening behind the scenes recently regarding the state of this subreddit, so I will skip any buildup and get right into it.
Firstly, I would like to officially welcome Jack Larkin (aka u/finance_student), who has officially joined the moderator team. I have brought him on to help turn Automoderator into more than just my copy-pasting default templates in a pattern that somehow works. So be nice, be kind, and wish him luck because I have no idea how to code.
The second order of business is that I am officially hiring not one, not two, but three additional moderators for dividends. Unlike Jack, these individuals will be active and participating members of the community who will be brought on to accomplish very specific tasks. The three positions are each very different, and listed below. Please read each one carefully.
  1. Old Reddit Ambassador: As many of you know, I have absolutely zero experience coding anything complicated. Unfortunately for me, Old Reddit does not care. Anyone who has worked with Old Reddit knows the stylesheet page is simply a blank text box responsive to (I think) CSS code. According to Reddit statistics, a large number of dividends userbase utilizes either Old Reddit, or 3rd party Reddit apps that are pulling data from Old Reddit. I am fully committed to ensuring you guys have just as positive of a user experience as those of us who use new Reddit, so I am recruiting an experienced Reddit coder to assist in this task. In essence, you would help me make dividends look good on Old Reddit and its third party apps. That's all this position is. You will serve as an ambassador to that community, and make sure our Old Reddit userw are having a great user experience. You will not need to handle the mod queue or work on automoderator.
  2. Wiki Writer: Another important goal of mine for this subreddit is the establishment of a wiki for any and all new dividend investors. It will be an introductory guide walking new investors through everything they need to know to get started, so that hopefully I can eliminate every single "Im X years old and don't know how to invest" post. Excellent writing skills will be required.
  3. Chat moderator: We are pleased to announce that /dividends is now live on Discord. Come join the conversation in our live chatroom! To facilitate the live chat, we have partnered with other finance related subreddits and are joining an already established and very active server. Our new server hosts the official chats for /algotrading, /forex, and the FXGears communities, and boasts more than 1600 online members. Our channels within the chat server are #dividend-investing and the #stocks-general / #stock-resources rooms, but of course you are encouraged to check out all subject matters hosted on the server. You can find links to the new chat in the top navigational bar and the sidebar. Individuals applying for this position would be responsible for overseeing the chat on these new channels. You would be granted moderator status here on the subreddit and would be granted permissions necessary to enforce the rules accross both platforms.
Those of you who wish to apply may send an application through modmail. Applications will be open until Tuesday September 1, when I will start contacting the finalists.
Edit: it was asked if mods were still allowed to participate in the community (apparently some subreddits want their mods to not interact with the subreddit unless they are acting as a mod.) I don't know what subreddits do that, but rest assured such a rule would not apply here. Any mods would still be free to post, comment, rate, etc. All the fun stuff. You can just think of being a mod as a side thing you do on the weekends or something if you want to. All I really need is people with the requisite skills who want to make the community better. You will get a custom flair of whatever you want, and you will get to help make this community a better place.

That concludes todays announcement. Until next time.
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TSM and Me 2020

TSM has been on my radar since I started saving to invest in 2018 because of AMD / GlobalFoundries. Really interesting business model for Semis AMD has.
In 2019, you couldn't get away from heating up of the trade war. Congress began debating SAR for HK around the end of Hong Kong's "2019 Summer of Love" and rumors of what happens in the "re-education" camps / "Where did the Falun Gong practitioners go?" This is important because of the SWIFT system of world banking. HK is how they get dollars.
Then in November of 2019, this happened..
Arizona plant news is where the tin foil ends and the conviction began for me. The Foundry is basically THE corporation of Taiwan. The Great Cheetoh has been making deals around the world, and technically Taiwan isn't China. We have recent armament deals with Taiwan and Japan to prove it.
Why not?? Seemed like the American thing to do and there is a republican in office hell-bent on decoupling US communications tech from the CCP aka ROC.
In Feb / March... Rona. April the economic fallout, news about bad PPE and tests from China being sold to Italy. In May all the US boats in Taiwanese waters and the rhetoric worldwide basically reflecting that the world isn't happy with the CCP.
I had the balance for a RH call and it made more sense than an airline play at the time, so i got in.
Anti CCP rhetoric started heating up and bi-partisan on the YouTube's, by the way, it seems 2020 is the year NBC (Comcast) discovered ad-revenue. Thank you Lester.
At this point morning wood for TSM was a regular thing, so i set my limits on call options for both accounts, and incorporated into the LT DRIP. Thank you Papa Powell. I'm still poor, couldn't have done it without you...
Then it seemed to be heating up at the end of May. Everyone is like WTF 'mate on the "One Belt. One Road." Initiative, both the geographical and digital. People are really starting to report on not-so-great stories out of China, and not just tinfoil or Epoch Times channels.
Lot of shade being thrown on China tech, and things are heating up in S China Sea.
...looks like Chy-na is on everyone's shit list, including Australia. Forex folks know how dope-tied the Aussie's and Kiwis are to CCP trade relations.
The rumor was potential decouple from China. I mean the world is kinda dope-tied to Santa's little elves. I just realized how weird Christmas will be...
I bought my shares for both accounts as per the voodoo ritual of purchasing at least 1 stock of a long term call strategy. Got my hand deep (for me) in the cookie jar May and June.
Third week of July called a bull flag on hourly:
July 24th, I got filled to the teeth in RH and my now free play in Webull was up 1,600%.
THEN July 27th, I closed my "free play" in Webull at $1,250. A little over 3,000% between 2 contracts that cost $75 total.
Along the way, i picked up RH tendies and rebalanced the cash / bought more contracts and shares. They're officially part of the DRIP.
Related post I made last week regarding TSM and INTC. Any thoughts on how US semi production will play out for them?
Last week, The Fool confirmed many of the LT bias I had been building up on a win for The Foundry since November. All hype, or real talk?
Financial analysis- This guy is boring af, but he goes through the numbers that no one likes to read, records in mobile, and is cool enough to zoom in on what he is talking about.
Can anyone see a downside other than "COVID CLAP Trumps all"? Maybe I've been chewing too much YouTube tinfoil on lunch, but the limit orders that are closing 930-4pm are making me think I've hit the Autistic Lottery. Wish I had bought more.
Friday, all I could see was a bull flag on the 4hr and 30min charts. Monday 8/03 it hasn't shit the bed at 11am EST. Maybe thats just the tin foil talking again and this is the ceiling.
Still in, and potentially interested in more contracts.
Open positions-
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تفاوت کاندوم های مینی و 12 عددی | بررسی اصلی ترین تفاوت های بسته بندی کاندوم ها

تفاوت کاندوم های مینی و 12 عددی | بررسی اصلی ترین تفاوت های بسته بندی کاندوم ها

تفاوت کاندوم های مینی و ۱۲ عددی

کاندوم های در دسته بندی ها و زیر دسته های بسیار متنوعی روانه بازار های مصرف شده اند که می توانند در رفع نیاز های افراد در رابطه های جنسی موثر باشند. اما یکی از دسته بندی های بسیار مهم و مورد بحث برای مصرف کنندگان، نوع بسته بندی محصولات است. به طور کلی تمامی شرکت های و برند های تولید کننده محصولات زناشویی، کاندوم های خود را در بسته بندی های ۱۲ عددی و ۳ عددی به بازار روانه می کنند که بسیاری از مصرف کنندگان بسته های ۳ عددی را با نام مینی میشناسند. تفاوت کاندوم های مینی و ۱۲ عددی برای بسیاری از افراد نا مشخص است.
به طور کلی کاندوم های مینی به بسته هایی گفته میشود که در آن ۳ عددی از محصول جای داده شده است. استفاده از این دسته بندی های محصولات، به مصرف کنندگان کمک می کند تا در رابطه های جنسی تنوع بیشتری را ایجاد کنند. به این ترتیب که با خرید یک بسته ۳ عددی و تمام شدن کاندوم های میتوان از نوع دیگری از این محصولات بهره برد. در ادامه چند کاندوم مینی بسیار محبوب معرفی شده است.

کاندوم فروتی دیلی ناچ کدکس مینی

استفاده از محصولاتی جنسی با هدف افزایش میل به برقراری رابطه جنسی در میان افراد بسیار محبوب شده است.از این رو شرکت های فعال در زمینه تولید این محصولات به سمت تولید و توضیع انواع مواد محرک برای بانوان و آقایان روی آوردند.پس از تحقیقات و آزمایشات متعدد این محصول روانه بازار شد.
کاندوم فروتی دیلی ۲ در ۱ FRUITY DELAY کدکس موجب افزایش میل جنسی و ایجاد قدرت و انرژی به واسطه آنتی‌اکسیدان موجود در میوه تمشک و بلوبری می گردد.همین امر سبب شد که این محصول را به عنوان برترین محصول محرک جنسی در بازار های جهانی وجود دارد. کاندوم فروتی دیلی ناچ کدکس با مواد موثری که در خود دارد، از انزال زودرس آقایان جلوگیری کرده و انزال را تا حد ممکن به تاخیر می‌اندازد. نکته بسیار مهم در هنگام خرید این محصول این است که این کاندوم بسیار نازک است و در نتیجه میل جنسی را کاهش نمی‌دهد.
همواره باید به این نکته توجه داشت که استفاده از محصولات جنسی و مراقبتی در افزایش ایمنی و کیفیت رابطه های جنسی بسیار موثرند. از این رو می توانید تنها با چند کلیک ساده به خرید کاندوم در شیراز بپردازید.

کاندوم کاپوت گرد ارگاسمیک مینی

کاندوم ها با منظور و اهداف بسیار مختلفی تولید و روانه بازار شده اند اما بیشتر این محصولات بر تاخیر در انزال، کیفیت ارگاسم و کنترل بارداری تمرکز دارند. با این اوصاف و با توجه به اینکه افراد با سلیقه های بسیار مختلفی وارد رابطه های جنسی میشوند نیاز است که شرکت های تولید کننده محصولات زناشویی به فکر رفع نیاز تمامی افراد باشند. کاندوم کاپوت گرد ارگاسمیک مینی کاپوت یکی از برند ها و مدل های بسیار محبوب و معروف در میان افرادی است که به کیفیت رابطه های جنسی خود بسیار اهمیت میدهند. این محصول با یک بسته بندی شکیل و زیبا در اندازه های ۱۲ عددی و ۳ عددی روانه بازار های مصرفی شده است.
این محصول با سطح خاردار و حلقوی در اطراف شافت و بدنه این قابلیت را دارد که در کنترل و کیفیت ارگاسم بانوان بسیار تاثیر گذار باشد. از طرفی بهره بری از عصاره ساوپالمتو این گیاه دارویی باعث تحریک قسمت لیمبیک مغز شده و همین امر سبب تحریک بیشتر بانوان میشود.
این محصول با آغشته شدن به مواد تاخیری موثر توانایی کنترل انزال مردان را بهبود میبخشد که موجب میشود تا ارگاسم و انزال در طرفین رابطه جنسی در یک نقطه زمانی مشترک رخ دهد و همین امر منجر به افزایش کیفیت رابطه جنسی خواهد بود.
کاندوم کاپوت گرد ارگاسمیک مینی با بهره برداری از مخزن ذخیره اسپرم به کنترل بارداری در طرفین بسیار موثر عمل کرده است و همچنین این محصول با برترین تکنولوژی روز برای تولید لاتکس طبیعی برای استفاده از افرادی که به کاندوم ها و محصولات پلاستیکی حساسیت دارند بسیار موثر است
این محصول برای بانوانی که اولین رابطه های جنسی خود را تجربه میکنند توصیه نمیشود و بهتر است از این محصول برای بانوانی استفاده شود که چندین رابطه جنسی را پشت سر گذاشته اند.

کاندوم Joyful فارکس مینی

بسیاری از مردان از مشکل انزال زودرس رنج می برند . در راستای رفع مشکل و برطرف کردن نیاز افراد شرکت های تولید کننده محصولات زناشویی محصولاتی تولید کرده اند. از جمله این محصولات ، کاندوم Joyful فارکس مینی است که با دارا بودن ماده ی تاخیری در سطح داخلی خود و بی حس سازی آلت تناسلی مردانه ، موجب تاخیر در انزال و افزایش مدت زمان رابطه جنسی می شود.
سطح شافت این کاندوم دارای شیار ها و خار هایی است که بر اثر سایش آنها با دیواره و نقاط مختلف واژن ، تحریک بیشتری ایجاد شده و طرفین لحظات لذت بخش تری را در رابطه تجربه می کنند. البته لازم به ذکر است این محصول برای بانوانی که برای دفعات اول رابطه جنسی برقرار می کنند مناسب نیست.
کاندوم Joyful فارکس مینی که از جنس لاتکس مرغوب می باشد ، دارای رایحه ای ساده و مطبوع بوده و احساس نزدیکی در حین رابطه برای شما رقم می زند.این کاندوم ویژه نیز دارای مخزن ذخیره و ماده اسپرم کش بسار قوی است برای اطمینان و امنیت بیشتر بوده و موجب آسودگی خیال شما در حین رابطه از بابت عدم بارداری می شود.
اگر شما نیز به داشتن یک رابطه ی امن و طولانی مدت علاقه مند بوده و در پی دست یابی به آن هستید ، پیشنهاد ما استفاده از این محصول برند فارکس می باشد. این کاندوم در بسته بندی های ۱۲ عددی و با ویژگی های مذکور جهت پاسخگویی به نیاز های شما در رابطه ، به بازار عرضه می شود. در صورت تمایل می توانید از طریق فروشگاه آنلاین لوازم جنسی به راحتی این کاندوم را تهیه کنید.
این محصول نیز سایر محصولات برند فارکس در بسته بندی های ۱۲ عددی و ۳ عددی روانه بازار و آماده مصرف در فروشگاه اینترنتی سپیتا شاپ قرار گرفته است.
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WikiFX: the murky business and the murkier methods

WikiFX: the murky business and the murkier methods
The irony of financial markets is that this business that officially has got as much regulation as arms trafficking, has also got the same problem –- numerous illegal entities that evolve around the niche.
Scam brokers, funds recovery services that rob the robbed traders, HYIPs, “learn how to make millions overnight” trading courses and a number of other schemes all tend to exploit the weak point of human nature – the belief that there is the magic device with the “MORE MONEY” button out there, that someone can sell you.

A thief shouting “Thief!”

Considering the above there is a high demand in society for truthful and unbiased information about the market players. WikiFX claims to be the provider of such honest information about brokers but in fact, makes money by blackmailing brokers and promoting any company that offers to pay enough in their rankings.
WikiFX is a classic illustration of a thief shouting “Get the thief!” louder than anybody else in the crowd. The strategy works unfortunately and traders tend to trust WikiFx broker’s ratings without questioning what these ratings are based on and who sponsors this global brokers’ database.

Paving the road with some good intentions

Even the most horrible crimes against humanity were done under the cover of best intentions. Starting with the first crusades and ending with the holocaust. There are always some sound arguments, protected people and reliable methods.
Ask any trader whether each forex broker must be regulated by a third party? The answer will be “yes” with a near 100% probability and this answer is totally correct. Know-your-customer procedures and some unbiased third-party control are essential for maintaining the overall transparency of any business in a sphere of finance. This is the argument that WikiFX starts with when promoting its service and there is absolutely no point to argue. Starting with an indisputable truth is a good strategy to win the debate.
“The long-term presence on the market adds credibility”, – says WikiFX, and hears “yes” again.
“Don’t you agree that the longer the company is in the business, the better?”. “Sure”, – the trader agrees one more time.
The mission is completed. This is when the broker ranker can add any other criteria to their appraisal methods. Traders will tend to trust the service because they’ve agreed upon the most important criteria. The rest are minor details.
But what if the rest of the appraisal methods are not just minor issues? What if these details can be the means to manipulate the facts as much as they want to?

Can WikiFX appraisal criteria be trusted?

If we take a look at any broker’s WikiFX rating, we can see that the criteria of appraisal are the following:
  • The year of registration
  • Regulations
  • Market Making license
  • Software license
For example, this is what the top-rated broker’s summary looks like at WikiFX:
WikiFX Forex com example
Looks good. Really. Regardless of the attitude to this particular brokerage, the work seems to be done fine. All the regulators are listed below, the information on the used software, licensing, and years of operation is included.
But what if we take some other random brokerage with one of the lowest rankings at WikiFX?
NinjaTraderBrokerage WIkiFX Ranking
This is where the truth reveals itself. Once again, regardless of the attitude to this particular brokerage this is really easy to find out what they do, what licenses they’ve got and what kind of software they use.
Suspicious clone? Seriously? If WikiFX staff cared enough to do any investigation prior to stamping that “Suspicious” mark on the brokerage, they would have seen that both domains, nijatrader com and ninjatraderbrokerage com belong to the same entity.
NinyaTrader whois data
If they cared enough to collect information on the brokerage from at least one reliable source, like Investopedia or any other similarly known database, they would also have found out that the company not only provides the brokerage service, but also is known for its trading platform with advanced technical analysis tools. But the only trading software that WikiFX considers reliable seems to be MT4/MT5. They simply ignore the fact that trading does not evolve around MetaTrader products, no matter how good and popular they are. WikiFX lowers the score of any brokerage with custom-developed software. We can clearly see this with the above example.
Other criteria that WikiFX is proud to use for the broker’s appraisal are regulations. Using the same example let’s see how well they do the appraisal in this field. As you can see above, WikiFX used the “Suspicious Regulatory License” stamp for NinjaTrader Brokerage.
And here is what The National Futures Association, that NinjaTrader is registered with as a futures broker has on its record:
NFA regulation of NTB proof that WikiFX did not consider to be trustworthy
We can’t expect every trader to know that any futures broker that wants to operate on the US market must be a member of NFA. This is the requirement of the Commodity Futures Trading Commission regarding the futures broker’s operations. But this is totally unacceptable for a broker ranking website, which WikiFX claims to be, to mark NFA-registered futures brokerage as non-reliable.
By the way, did you notice on the above screenshot that NTB has obtained the NFA license in 2004? Yet, this does not prevent WikiFX from claiming that the brokerage has only been providing its services for 1-2 years only, instead of the factual 16 years of operations.
We can long discuss the reasons that lie behind such selectivity of WikiFX but this random example clearly shows that any brokerage that provides access to non-forex derivatives trading or dares to suggest custom-developed software to its traders is in danger of receiving a negative review at WikiFX regardless of the factual reliability and regulations.

What lies beneath WikiFX selectivity?

WikiFX claims to have a team of professionals that are all involved in objective appraisal of broker’s services, licenses and used software. The methods used by these professionals remain unrevealed and as we see from the above comparison two similarly reliable brokerages can get any score from 1.0 and up to 10.0 at WikiFX, no matter what regulations they’ve got, for how long they’ve been in the business and what kind of software they use.
This is difficult to say what lies behind such selectivity with 100% confidence. The first thing that comes to mind is that WikiFX might be affiliated with some brokers. The hypothesis gets even more realistic if we try to understand who sponsors WikiFX.
There are no transparent built-in ads neither on the web-version of the website nor in its applications. There are no paid subscriptions for access to the database. This means that users sponsor the service with neither their attention to ads nor directly. Being the non-charity and non-governmental organization WikiFX can’t be sponsored with donations or a government. The only option that we have left is that brokers sponsor this ranking system directly, which automatically makes the whole system non-reliable and highly biased.
The only transparent method that we know WikiFX uses to collect money is sponsorship fees they collect from their offline events participants. Let’s have a look at the exhibitors of the recent WikiFX Expo in Thailand.
WikiFX Expo Exhibitors

  • TLC is a non-regulated investment platform that was founded in 2019
  • Samtrade FX is not regulated by any of the agencies that WikiFX itself lists as reliable
  • Forex4you is not regulated by any of the agencies that WikiFX itself lists as reliable
  • B2 Broker is a non-regulated broker
  • XDL FX is a non-regulated broker
  • VAT FX is a non-regulated broker
    Six out of sixteen WikiFX recent expo exhibitors do not have proper legal status according to the “standards” of WikiFX itself. This fact does not prevent them from promoting the services of these companies at their offline events. This conspicuous fact tells a lot about the attitude of WikiFX to common traders looking for reliable partners. Reputation is nothing but a sale item for this brokers’ ranking system.

Murky & Murkier

So far we’ve only discussed the facts that anyone can check himself using free tools and sources.
It was not that difficult to discover that WikiFX uses non-transparent standards for brokers’ appraisal. It ignores the specifics of some brokerages lowering their scores due to non-standard derivatives they offer to trade or custom trading software. It also promotes non-regulated and non-licensed brokerages, which is 100% against the declared WikiFX values and mission.
The rumors are that this company was also noticed blackmailing brokers with the purpose of making them pay for better reviews at WikiFX. There are also some signs that indicate suspicious promotion of WikiFX platform through social media and Quora. Some of the WikiFX positive reviews also look highly suspicious. All of the above is a matter of further investigation.
Nevertheless, thousands of users keep relying on the information provided by this scam ranking system. It may even look like all these users are satisfied. WikiFX has got 4.5 starts at Google Play, which sounds good enough. However, positive WikiFX reviews use similar semantics and are also highly suspicious. Despite the high average grade, Google Play finds the following messages to be most relevant and brings them to the top of WikiFX reviews:
Google Play most relevant WikiFX reviews

You’ve got the facts now and it’s time to make your own conclusions.

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wiki entry: Forex Brokers for Canadians

Since questions about Canadian brokers come up often, we put together a wiki page that provides details about IIROC regulations, CIPF protection, and brokers available to Canadians:

I'm looking for feedback from fellow Canucks.. are there other options you'd recommend? Do you think we need to add more info? Any experiences you'd like to share with Canadian institutions?

Thanks! :)
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قیمت کاندوم tasty فارکس مینی | خرید کاندوم tasty فارکس مینی | کاندوم tasty فارکس مینی

کاندوم tasty energic فارکس بسته 3 عددی

کاندوم tasty فارکس مینی

استفاده از کاندوم ها یکی از راه های پیشگیری از بیماری های مقاربتی و همچنین پیشگیری از بارداری های ناخواسته است که می تواند تجربه ی خوبی را برای زوجین رقم بزند. کاندوم ها در تنوع بالایی به لحاظ برند و ویژگی در بازار موجود هستند. یکی از محبوب ترین برند های تولید کننده محصولات جنسی برند کدکس است که محصولات باکیفیت و متنوعی را در این زمینه تولید و عرضه کرده است. در ادامه به بررسی ویژگی های یکی از محصولات این برند مطرح ، یعنی کاندوم tasty فارکس مینی خواهیم پرداخت.
همانگونه که گفته شد از اولویت های مطرح در استفاده از کاندوم پیشگیری از بارداری است که هنگام استفاده از کاندوم tasty فارکس مینی از این بابت باید خیالتان آسوده باشد. چرا که این محصول دارای مخزن ذخیره ی اسپرم برای امنیت بیشتر می باشد و از همین رو زمینه ی رابطه ای امن را برای شما فراهم میکند. علاوه بر این ، در تولید این کاندوم از لاتکس مرغوب و باکیفیت استفاده شده است تا حساسیت ایجاد نکرده و رابطه ی لذت بخشی را برای شما رقم بزند. اگر به دنبال احساس امنیت و لذت بیشتر در رابطه جنسی هستید ، پیشنهاد ما استفاده از این محصول است.
این کاندوم دارای سطحی روان و صاف است که موجب کاهش درد برای بانوان و دخول آسانتر می شود و رضایت دو طرف را افزایش می دهد. همچنین رایحه ی مطبوع و میوه ای این محصول احساس خوشایندی را در رابطه به افراد منتقل می کند. این محصول از برند فارکس در بسته بندی ۱۲ عددی به بازار عرضه شده و شما تنها از طریق یک فروشگاه اینترنتی لوازم زناشویی می توانید آن را تهیه کنید. از این محصول میتوان برای بانوانی که اولین رابطه های جنسی خود را تجربه میکنند استفاده کرد تا درد کمتری تجربه کنند.
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r/DayTrading's Monthly Questions Thread - March 2020

Please use this sticky to ask questions and to see answers to similar questions you may have.
Over time we'll be collecting common questions and adding it to our wiki. See the getting started wiki here.
If anyone is new to day trading, I highly recommend reading the Forex community's wiki paying special attention to babypips website which also teaches some general tools you can apply to stocks/futures/etc and especially read the wiki's sections on risk & money management that can be applied to any market.
Pattern daytrading rules wiki.
Also see the sidebar (or "about this community" on mobile website) on every related community to learn more about trading.
Here's a list of all the previous question stickies.
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wiki entry: Forex Brokers for Canadians

Since questions about Canadian brokers come up often, we put together a wiki page over on /forex that provides details about IIROC regulations, CIPF protection, and brokers available to Canadians:
I'm looking for feedback from fellow Canucks.. are there other options you'd recommend? Do you think we need to add more info? Any experiences you'd like to share with Canadian institutions?
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4 کاندوم برتر سرد | معرفی برترین کاندوم های سرد و خنک کننده | بهترین کاندوم های سرد

4 کاندوم برتر سرد | معرفی برترین کاندوم های سرد و خنک کننده | بهترین کاندوم های سرد

۴ کاندوم برتر سرد

استفاده از محصولات جنسی و زناشویی یکی از مهمترین اقداماتی است که زوجین پیش از شروع رابطه جنسی باید به آن توجه داشته باشند از طرفی انتخاب یک محصول مناسب با مزاج و سلیقه افراد امری بسیار دشوار بوده است از این رو سپیتاشاپ در ادامه این مطلب به بررسی ۴ کاندوم برتر سرد خواهد پرداخت. استفاده از کاندوم های سرد میتواند برای بانوانی که از سرد مزاجی رنج میبرند بسیار لذت بخش باشد چرا که این محصولات به گونه طراحی شده اند که در هنگام استفاده احساس گرم تری به واژن القا کرده و با خار های ریز خود سبب تحری بیشتر بانوان میشوند. به یاد داشته باشید که استفاده از کاندوم های خاردار برای بانوانی که اولین رابطه های خود را تجربه میکنند توصیه نمیشود و بهتر است از این محصولات برای بانوان در سنین بالاتر و دارای تجربه در زایمان و رابطه جنسی استفاده شود.

کاندوم gold pack 99 فارکس

کاندوم gold pack 99 فارکس محتوی ۳ عدد کاندوم super delay ، ۳ عدد کاندوم comfort fit ، ۳ عدد کاندوم fire و ۳ عدد کاندوم polar می باشد که می تواند برای شما لحظات لذت بخشی را در رابطه به ارمغان بیاورد .
بسیاری از افراد با مشکل زود انزالی رو به رو بوده و در پی رفع این مشکل و نارضایتی در رابطه جنسی خود هستند. اگر شما هم این معضل را دارید ، کاندوم های این پک می توانند در برطرف کردن این مشکل موثر باشد .
تنگ کنندگی از دیگر ویژگی های محصولات این پک است ، که موجب افزایش لذت شما در رابطه جنسی می شود . همچنین کاندوم های این پک با قابلیت خنک کنندگی واژن و انتشار رایحه میوه ای موجب احساس رضایت و خشنودی شما و شریکتان در رابطه می شوند. این ویژگی های سبب شده تا این محصول در رده ۴ کاندوم برتر سرد قرار بگیرد.

کاندوم Polar88 فارکس

کاندوم ها با خواسته های بسیار زیادی روانه بازار میشوند که میتوان از آنها با توجه به نیاز های طرفین در حین رابطه های جنسی استفاده کرد. از این رو شرکت های تولید کننده محصولات زناشویی اقدام به تولید محصولاتی برای رفع تمامی نیاز ها کردند. یکی از بهترین محصولات تولید شده را میتوان کاندوم polar88 فارکس دانست. این شرکت با سابقه بسیار خوبی که در تولید محصولات زناشویی دارد توانسته است با تولید این کاندوم به رفع نیاز های بسیار زیادی در میان افراد بپردازد و در نهایت این محصول را به عنوان یکی از موفق ترین کاندوم های موجود در بازار به مردم معرفی کرد.
از مهمترین ویژکی های این محصول میتوان به وجود خار ها و شیار های مناسب برای ایجاد احساس تحریک بیشتر درنواحی مختلف اندام های واژن دانست که موجب تحریک دو برابر در زنان خواهد شد. از طرف دیگر وحود ماده تاخیری بنزوکائین به عنوان یکی از معمول ترین مواد برای ایجاد کنترل انزال در مردان نیز اشاره کرد. این دو عامل در کنار یکدیگر موجب میشود تا ارگاسم در طرفین در یک نقطه زمانی مشترک رخ داده و یک رابطه جنسی با رضایت بسیار بالا را رقم بزند.
به یاد داشته باشید که خرید کاندوم یکی از مهمترین وظایف مردان و زنان پیش از رابطه های جنسی است. سپیتاشاپ شرایطی را فراهم کرده است تا افراد به آسانی به خرید کاندوم در شیراز بپردازند.

کاندوم ۵ در ۱ سرد ناچ کدکس

کاندوم های ۵ در ۱ از محبوب ترین محصولات زناشویی و جنسی است که در کیفیت ها و انواع بسیار زیادی تولید و در بازار های دنیا عرضه شده است.کدکس به عنوان یک شرکت پیشگام در عرصه تولید کاندوم های ۵ در ۱ است که انواع مختلفی از این محصول را روانه بازار میکند. یکی از این محصولات را میتوان کاندوم ۵ در ۱ سرد کدکس دانست که پس از رونق در بازار با استقبال زیادی روبرو شده است. ویژگی اول و دوم این کاندوم وجود شیار ها و خار های حلقوی است که باعث ایجاد تحریک بیشتر بانوان می شود.
از محصولات محبوب زناشویی کاندوم های تنگ کننده دارای عصاره انار است. در کاندوم های ۵ در ۱ نیز این ویژگی جا داده شده است و این کاندوم ها نیز خاصیت تنگ کنندگی واژن را همراه دارند. این محصول دارای ژل انار خواهد بود که این ژل بعد تماس با واژن ، ایجاد تنگی در آن می کند و لذت رابطه را افزایش می دهد. نام این محصول را در رده ۴ کاندوم برتر سرد میتوانید به وضوح مشاهده کنید.

کاندوم ۷ Cool Time کاپوت

افراد با نیاز ها و مشکلات متعددی وارد رابطه جنسی میشوند از طرفی برخی از این افراد ویژگی های خاص منحصر به فردی دارند که ممکن است در حین رابطه جنسی برایشان مشکل زا باشد.از این رو شرکت های تولید کنند محصولات زناشویی به دنبال راه کاری برای حل تمامی این مشکلات بوده اند. کاندوم ۷ Cool Time کاپوت نتیجه تلاش های این برند برای از میان بردن انواع نیاز های افراد است. این کاندوم با ویژگی های منحصر به فرد خود روانه بازار مصرف شد و در میان مردان و زنان با استقبال بسیار خوبی روبرو شد. این محصول ۷ کاره میتواند در برقراری یک رابطه جنسی موفق موثر باشد.
اولین ویزگی این کاندوم را میتوان سرد بود آن دانست. این محصول مناسب برای مردان و زنانی است که مزاجی سرد دارند و در حین رابطه جنسی برایشان مشکل ایجاد میشود.دیگر ویژگی این محصول را میتوان تنگ کنندگی واژن با استفاده از عصاره انار دانست. این عصاره سبب میشود تا دیواره واژن تنگ تر شده و احساس بهتری را به زوجین القا کند. کاندوم ۷ Cool Time کاپوت با بهره گیری از خار ها و حلقه های ریز و مناسب در طول خود میتواند در تحریک نقاط مختلف واژن موثر باشد. ویژگی سوم که در میان تمامی کاندوم های تولید شده برند کاپوت مشترک است استفاده ازماده بنزوکائین جهت ایجاد تاخیر در انزال برای مردان است.
با استفاده از این محصولات میتوانید یک رابطه جنسی فراموش نشدنی را برای بانوان سرد مزاج رقم بزنید.
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قیمت کاندوم super classic 20 فارکس مینی | خرید کاندوم super classic 20 فارکس مینی

کاندوم super classic 20 فارکس 3 عددی

کاندوم super classic 20 فارکس مینی

کاندوم super classic 20 فارکس مینی از جمله محصولات برند فارکس می باشد که مناسب افراد خواستار احساس طبیعی در رابطه جنسی است. اگر به این بهانه از استفاده از کاندوم سر باز می زنید ، پیشنهاد ما خرید این کاندوم است ؛ علت این موضوع لاتکس مورد استفاده در تولید این کاندوم می باشد که علاوه بر مقاومت بالا ، ضخامت بسیار کمی داشته و بسیار نازک است.
این محصول علاوه بر پیشگیری از ابتلا به بیماری های مقاربتی ، ضد قارچ و حساسیت بوده و سلامت جنسی شما را تضمین می کند. خرید این کاندوم به کسانی که حساسیت های پوستی دارند توصیه می شود.اما در صورت حساسیت به لاتکس بهتر است از کاندوم های پلی اورتان برای برقراری رابطه استفاده کنید.
کاندوم super classic 20 فارکس مینی دارای ماده ی موثر لوبریکانت بوده و دوبرابر محصولات مشابه از این روان کننده بهره مند است . این کاندوم با سهولت بخشیدن به عمل دخول و کاهش درد بانوان در رابطه جنسی ، موجب ایجاد یک تجربه ی لذت بخش برای شما و شریک جنسی تان می شود. برای بانوانی که اولین رابطه های خود را تجربه می کنند ، این محصول گزینه ی مناسبی می باشد.
این کاندوم دارای رایحه ی مطبوع وانیلی بوده و احساس خوبی را برای طرفین رابطه ایجاد می کند . علاوه بر این ، با داشتن مخزن ذخیره ی اسپرم ، احتمال بارداری ناخواسته را از بین برده و موجب آسوده خیالی شما در حین رابطه جنسی می شود.
این محصول برای بانوانی که اولین رابطه های نسی خود را تجربه میکنند بسیار موثر بوده و بهتر است بانوانی که چندین رابطه جنسی داشته اند تنها در صورت احساس ناراحتی و درد در رابطه جنسی از این کاندوم استفاه کنند.این محصول نیز مانند سایر محصولات فارکس در بسته بنی ۱۲ عددی و ۳ عددی روانه بازار شده است.
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قیمت کاندوم chocolate love فارکس مینی | خرید کاندوم chocolate love فارکس مینی

کاندوم chocolate love فارکس بسته 3 عددی

کاندوم chocolate love فارکس مینی

افراد در حین برقراری رابطه با مشکلات مختلفی دست و پنجه نرم می کنند. از همین رو شرکت های تولید کننده محصولات زناشویی همواره در پی تولید محصولاتی با ویژگی رفع چند نیاز به صورت همزمان بوده اند. برند فارکس از جمله برند های مطرح در زمینه تولید کاندوم و محصولات زناشویی است. اکنون قصد داریم به بررسی مشخصات کاندوم chocolate love فارکس مینی که از محصولات این برند محبوب است ، بپردازیم.
می دانید که انزال زودرس از جمله مشکلات شایع میان مردان در زمینه مسائل جنسی است که در کاهش کیفیت رابطه اثر دارد. کاندوم chocolate love فارکس مینی با بهره گیری از ماده ی فوق العاده تاخیری در رفع این معضل نقش دارد ؛ در سطح داخلی این کاندوم ماده ی تاخیری وجود دارد که با ایجاد تاخیر در انزال باعث افزایش زمان رابطه شده و لذت بیشتری را برای شما به ارمغان می آورد.
این کاندوم از لاتکس کاملا مرغوب و همچنین نازک تولید شده است ؛ این مسئله سبب می شود که این کاندوم برای افرادی که خواستار احساس طبیعی در رابطه جنسی هستند ، مناسب بوده و این نیاز افراد را پاسخگو باشد. علاوه بر این رایحه ی فوق العاده جذاب شکلات باعث یک تجربه ی متفاوت و خوشایند برای افراد می شود و بر لذت شما می افزاید.
استفاده از کاندوم ها در مرحله اول برای پیشگیری از بیماری های مقاربتی و بارداری های ناخواسته است. از این رو ، با تعبیه مخزن ذخیره برای این محصول امنیت بیشتری برای شما در رابطه جنسی فراهم شده و می توانید با خیالی آسوده از بابت عدم بارداری از رابطه لذت ببرید. این محصول از برند فارکس در بسته بندی های ۱۲ عددی و ۳ عددی به بازار عرضه شده و برای تجربه ی یک رابطه ی جنسی امن و لذت بخش پیشنهاد می شود.
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قیمت کاندوم skin tight فارکس مینی | خرید کاندوم skin tight فارکس مینی

کاندوم 00 Skin Tight فارکس بسته 3 عددی

کاندوم skin tight فارکس مینی

گفتیم که کاندوم ها در مدل ها و طرح های بسیار متنوعی روانه بازار شده اند. یکی از بهترین این محصولات را میتوان کاندوم skin tight فارکس مینی دانست. این کاندوم با ویژگی های بسیار منحصر به فرد خود توانایی رفع نیاز های بسیار زیادی را در رابطه هاس جنسی دارد و به شما کمک میکند تا یک رابطه بسیار موفق داشته باشید.یکی از مهمترین نیاز های افراد ایجاد احساس طبیعی بودن رابطه جنسی و انتقال گرما در طول رابطه و دخول با بهترین کیفیت خواهد بود.
این محصول با بهره گیری دوبرابر از مواد روان کننده لوبریکانت توانسته است که عمل دخول را ساده تر کرده و در نتیجه احساس درد کمتری را برای بانوان به همراه داشته باشد. از دیگر ویژگی های این محصول میتوان به استفاده از مواد تاخیری بنزوکائین به میزان کاملا مناسب اشاره کرد. همین امر در کنار روان کننده های این کاندوم سبب میشود تا انزال مردان و ارگاسم بانوان در یک زمان رخ داده و رابطه جنسی بسیار لذت بخشی رقم بخورد.
از دیگر ویژگی بسیار منحصر به فرد کاندوم skin tight فارکس مینی میتوان به جنس لاتکس صد درصد طبیعی آن اشاره کرد که علاوه بر ایجاد امنیت برای افراد حساس به کاندوم با ضخامت بسیار نازک خود موجب شده است که گرما در حین رابطه جنسی به خوبی عبور کرده و احساس یک رابطه بسیار طبیعی و لذت بخش را به همراه داشته باشد.
توجه داشته باشید که این کاندوم برای بانوانی که چندین زایمان را تجربه کرده اند مناسب نیست و بهتر است که این محصول را بانوانی استفاده کنند که اولین رابطه های جنسی خود را تجربه میکنند بسیار مناسب خواهد بود. همچنین این محصول نیز مانند سایر کاندوم های شرکت فارکس در بسته بندی های ۱۲ عددی و ۳ عددی روانه بازار و آماده مصرف قرار گرفته است
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Trading Forex on Webtrader Part 1 - YouTube - How to trade Options on MT4 To Open A Free Easy Forex Trading Account. Start FX Trading Today. Click Here: Forexlive trading made easy for beginners Forex wiki for beginners Forexlive trading strategies Visit Our Website: - The Ultimate Guide To How to Keep a Trading Journal - Journals could increase trading consistency. The journal could keep you responsible ... Most Forex channels will lead you down the wrong path. Trading Forex for beginners shouldn't be taken lightly. Many new traders stick with the first method t... Learn the basics of how to trade forex with this Part 1 video